She Said “Yes!”

Man and woman sitting on the outside of an airplane on the water

After a month of planning, the young couple arrived at Treasure Coast Seaplanes. The pilot went over the final details with the nervous passenger while the soon to be fiancé relaxed unsuspectingly on the deck.

Shortly thereafter, the Captain whisked the couple away for an indelible sunset tour. The tour began with a remarkable low altitude flight along Vero Beach’s shoreline North to the Sebastian Inlet. As the flight began heading West over the Indian River Lagoon the anticipation started to build.

After an awe-inspiring flight to Blue Cypress Lake, the passengers stepped out onto the floats to enjoy the serenity of the remote location. This was the perfect setting for an unforgettable proposal. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cypress shoreline this lovely couple made a memory to last a lifetime. Congratulations from Treasure Coast Seaplanes!

Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES) Rating – Check!

Airplane on the water

Professional pilot, Jud, finally added a seaplane rating to his impressive list of aviation accomplishments. Although he had always wanted to earn an Airplane Single-Engine Seaplane (ASES) rating, he was never interested in being rushed through a 1-2 day course. It was important to him to thoroughly learn how to fly a seaplane rather than just getting the rating. Once Jud visited Treasure Coast Seaplanes (TCS) he knew he had found the right course and instructors. He was convinced, “The Cessna 206 with amphibious floats is awesome!”

Working as a corporate pilot and T-34 flight instructor, Jud makes several trips to Vero Beach each year. The instructors at Treasure Coast Seaplanes coordinated with his work and travel schedule to make it happen. Jud said, “They offer an accelerated course, but allowed me to take my time and I really enjoyed the experience learning from both Michael and Sheena. The enthusiasm that both Michael and Sheena have for seaplane flying and instructing made this a really fun learning experience.”

During his training, Jud gained seaplane experience flying in and out of Eastern and Central Florida lakes. With a seaplane rating under his belt, Jud now looks forward to fun-filled days of seaplane flying in Florida. He plans to continue building seaplane time at Treasure Coast Seaplanes and aspires to purchase his own hull plane in the future.


"I highly recommend Treasure Coast Seaplanes to anyone wanting to learn to fly a seaplane. I hope to do a lot more flying with Michael & Sheena in the future, anytime I am in the Vero Beach area.” --Jud Nogle

Treasure Coast Air Services (TCAS) – Experience the Difference

After 10 months of renovation this new Fixed Base Operator located at Vero Beach Regional Airport is sure to make its mark. The Treasure Coast Air Services (TCAS) facility has been restored from top to bottom with the pilot and customer’s comfort in mind. The passion and professionalism of the TCAS team is readily recognizable down to every detail. The one-of-a-kind atmosphere evokes a sense of excitement as it engages all of your senses. From the vibrant décor to the premium audio system and let’s not forget the organic coffee and chocolates, TCAS will have you coming back for more.

Treasure Coast Air Services is comprised of a stunning hangar and inviting office. The warm staff at TCAS will make you feel at home while providing the ideal place to unwind after a day of flying. Throw the kids in the aviation themed playground while you watch the sunset from Adirondack chairs or have a drink on the covered deck. Finish the day with an avgas top off. Mission complete!

TRIP ADVISOR - Reviewed June 13, 2017

Treasure Coast Seaplanes - A cut above the rest!

Well, I really can't say enough about Treasure Coast Seaplanes (TCAS)!

I am an English helicopter pilot who is currently hours building and needed a Fixed Base Operator at Vero Beach airport to park, refuel and required a loan car in order to do some exploring.

So after an hours flight, we arrived to what seemed to be more like a beutiful luxury hotel rather than your average shack with a fuel pump outside. We were greeted by a marshaller (Dan) who directed us onto their apron, followed by beaming smiles and a warm handshake from all of the staff (Mike and Sheena). This was followed by an array of different complementary drinks being offered as well as being led to a luxurious lounge equipped with a wide screen TV, comfy sofas and a tropical fish tank (a personal soft spot). In addition to this and on more of a technical viewpoint, a large planning table, iPad and charging points were at hand - Essential for incoming and outgoing pilots.

It got better! Our loan car was a big, new, open top Jeep that was perfect for exploring and cruising down the seafront. After being advised to make a short journey to the nearby 'Organic Restaurant', we did just that and we are glad we did!

Our exploration of Vero Beach drew to an end and we returned back to Treasure Coast Seaplanes only to being greeted once again with a cold drink and great company on their open plan, wooden, outside decking. Only a stones throw away (also part of Treasure Coast) was a large, creative children's play area, perfect for those parents wanting to put there feet up and revive before their next departure.

As a professional aircraft engineer, I have learnt to tell the difference between a good and a poor hangar. Curiosity got the better of me and I was offered a tour of their hangar and aircraft within it. I was led in to a 'state of the art', spacious, brand spanking new hanger. The newly painted floors and and overhead beams gave off the impression of professionalism and attention to detail, which ran threw each aspect of the business.
Oh, and by the way - in the middle of it was a majestic, stunning seaplane!!

This company, with its innovative thinking, modernistic vibe and lavish facilities really is somewhere I will definitely be visited again soon. I may even go for my seaplane

Kristian Hogan & Daisy Cole

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