Make KVRB your next stop and fall in love with Vero Beach. The preservation of the native surroundings, small town feel, arts & culture, and eco-tourism are only a few reasons Vero Beach is one of Florida’s best kept secrets.

Treasure Coast Air Services is located off Taxiway E on the North Ramp of the Vero Beach Regional Airport.

Vero Beach Airport Diagram

Identifier: KVRB
City: Vero Beach, FL
Elevation: 23 ft.
Time Zone: UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
ARTCC: Miami Center
Attendance: 0700-2100
TPA: 1024 ft MSL

CTAF: 126.3
ATIS: 120.575
WX ASOS: 772-978-9535
Ground: 127.45
Tower: 126.3
Approach: 123.625 (Palm Beach)
Departure: 123.625 (Palm Beach)
Clearance: 134.975 (Palm Beach)
TRV VOR: 117.0

Runways: 12R/30L
Dimensions: 7314 x 106 ft.
Pattern: 12R (Left) 30 L (Right)
Runways: 4/22
Dimensions: 4974 x 100 ft.
Pattern: 4 (Left) 22 (Left)
Runways: 12L/30R
Dimensions: 3504 x 75 ft.
Pattern: 4 (Left) 22 (Left)